All instruction within the TWIST program focuses and places direct emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards. Other subjects including Language Arts and Social Studies are used to support content standards from STEM areas. The TWIST learning environment provides students with daily context and opportunity for investigation, inquiry, creativity, reflection, and discovery.  Science standards are used to “drive” and anchor projects, so that Math and other content-areas serve to reinforce academic concepts and increase depth of knowledge. Students are able to clearly articulate their mastery of content standards through these STEM-focused lessons and can identify the connection of their learning to real-world application. Students work across the entire cluster to create STEM-based community events, fundraisers, and showcases to promote STEM education throughout the district and state.

PBL Examples

Water Conservation

Students look at how the human population is using sewer water and how we can do a better job as they introduce their own conservation system

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TWIST Application

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Technology Integration

Investigative Research

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Teacher Content Knowledge

Teacher Collaboration


The STEM labs provide flexible seating to promote a comfortable space in which students can collaborate. There are also whiteboard easels, small whiteboards, computers, and tablets for student use. These are used on a daily basis, but most often during project time, which is anywhere from 4-6 hours per week.


TWIST Room pictures: Students sit in collaborative groups to work on STEM and PBL assignments. The modular furniture allows to flexible groupings and each group has a whiteboard space for brainstorming, planning, and working on their work.

Project Based Learning

STEM Integration

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Nepal Children Need Our Help

Students began a campaign to help the children of Nepal after a devestatiing earthquake hit the region

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Teacher Collaboration


Unified Mars Territory

Design a colony that could exist on Mars. Present findings related to largest obstacle ecountered by group during creation of colony.

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